I am a Keyboard player and Musical Director

Shakespeare Sister (2019)  Delena (2019-2020) Cathy Dennis (2019) Marlon Roudette (2010-2019) All Saints (2016) Suga Babes (2014/5) Charlene Soraia (2015) Shania Twain, Mattafix, Max Middleton, Carol Grimes, Jimmy Sommerville.

Nathan ‘Flute Box’ Lee and The Artists in Residence Programme at The Royal Festival Hall London. 

Music Production: I apprenticed at Master Rock London with G2 Music for Trevor Horn Productions, Real life records and at Unique Studios New York. 

Albums Produced: Marcella Detroit, Jhelisa Anderson, Simon Jaymes, Caroline Nin, Poggy Hatton, Paul Chenoeur, Martin Ditcham 

Remixes: Lady Ga Ga, Zernell Fontaine, Maxi Jazz of Faithless, Frankie Valentine.

Endorsed By:

Roland, Studiologic Keyboards, Keith Mcmillen. 


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