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"It has moved mountains for me." A


"Such an amazing experience with such beautiful and loving people. Being surrounded by unconditional love at such a deep level opened my heart and allowed me to believe in myself again and realise that actually sometimes there are deeper reasons as to why we feel the way we do. By doing this workshop I was helped to really put this into perspective and feel really alive again and can move on from unseen ties to certain issues that had been blocking my way forward."   K 


"A big 'thank you'. It was an amazing experience I will never forget. Richard is fantastic, compassionate and thoughtful. As he mentioned at the beginning of the workshop, it's difficult to explain but not so difficult to do."   R


"The feeling of love was incredible, nobody was judged or criticized. Richard has a wonderful gift, outstanding gentleness and a depth of feeling that is rare. A truly amazing day." O


"An immensely interesting and inspiring event. Richard's facilitation was amazing. It was good to witness such profound experiences, which are deeply moving and affect us all."  H

"I just wanted to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to each of you for your very valuable parts in this major shift that I feel and know has taken place within me.  I cannot tell you how very excited I feel about my future  I am once again plugged into life and heart and it feels absolutely amazing."  J 

"I knew nothing about the workshop before I went, still it was beneficial as a representative and I've felt more spontaneous and focused since. It makes me realise how much we keep hidden inside us, not always beneficial for us and others around us."  L


"Richard was uncannily intuitive, very compassionate and artfully skilled in ascertaining which 'family constellation' pathway would lead to further enlightenment upon the issue in question. if ever the 'mind' came into play, Richard lovingly guided us back to the heart and the truth of the emotional memories that reside there." JO


"I was unsure about attending Richard Bundy's constellation workshop but wanting to support my daughter, an issue holder, I went along. The experience was very moving and his gentle empathetic approach to uncovering what was deeply hidden was outstanding." P


"Last night I had the best night's sleep in a long time & slept right through to 7am without waking once - I awoke feeling quite refreshed. It was wonderful." G


 "I cannot praise this method highly enough - I have already booked to attend the very next one - I was THAT impressed!" J

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