The Issue Holder

If you book as an issue holder, you will discuss your issue briefly, then set up a constellation using members of the group.
Through trained observations, the facilitator determines the direction of the work to be carried out and treats the representatives as a whole energetic system. Therefore, each person has an effect on the other members of the system.
This is where insights and breakthroughs take place that can have a huge effect on your life thereafter.


The Representatives

Representatives sit in a circle and can be chosen to represent one of the issue holder's family members. Once chosen, the issue holder will set up the representatives in the circle or field.
Representatives serve the issue holder by moving in the space and reporting any changes they feel to the facilitator. They inexplicably feel the emotions of the person they are representing. 
Serving as a representative is profound and often deeply moving.  
The issues addressed can echo the representatives own life. The emotions and movements, with assistance from the facilitator, enable a movement and often a solution to be reached for the issue holder.

The Solution

Life and nature always move towards balance.

The movements and emotional letting that take place in the circle or field alter cycles and habits, offering resolutions to the original issue.
The work breaks patterns and reveals deep hidden dynamics and trauma. 
This carries the potential to free the issue holder from seemingly impossible dynamics, creating a new direction, a new beginning.

Clear possibilities.